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   Our own experience in using alternative energy to provide us comfort while reducing our energy costs have provide us with great results. Today's newest efficiency and clean air standards have produced products that are getting more user friendly than the first versions that came on the market with EPA phase I and phase II standards. The units I am seeing in testing today, will be great products for you in the near future. Don't loose faith, US manufacture's will and are coming through with great products for us to heat with, without lots of maintenance and fuel restrictions.  EPA phase III qualified wood gasification units will most likely have more sophisticated controls and even use catalytic type converters to clean up the exhaust even more. 

Alternative Energy Solutions has been directing customer energy solutions since the business started. We are putting together a "testimony" section for this web site, you will be able to learn about how other customers have been helped by reducing their cost of heating COMFORT by our company. We would like the opportunity to provide you with the same results. So contact us today.

Alternative Energy Solutions
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Alternative Energy Solutions