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NC-30 Pellet Stove

by Nature's Comfort on in Pellet Stoves

Priced at ONLY    $1,950

30,000 BTU
Stove Size: 18”x22”x36”
Hopper Capacity: 40lb
Heating Area: Up to 1,000 sqft
Weight: 200lbs
Efficiency: 88%

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Burning wood pellets for home heating is a great way to reduce your carbon foot print. Wood is considered carbon neutral by some scientists. Carbon released during combustion of wood is in the active carbon cycle. The carbon that trees take in from the atmosphere is released the same way when wood is burnt as it is when wood decomposes. Burning wood pellets is almost totally carbon neutral. Your only carbon foot print is from the production and transportation of the wood pellets you are burning.

Our pellet stoves have one of the highest quality auger motors and blower fans available on the market. The NC40 & NC-30 is built with quality for many years of comfortable heating, while providing a decorative accent to any home. These pellet stoves are tested and certified by Omni Test laboratories to standard ASTME1509, ULC-S627-00 & ULC/ORD C1482-M1990.

NC-40 Pellet Stove

by Nature's Comfort on in Pellet Stoves

Priced at only:   $2,395

45,000 BTU
Stove Size: 26”x24”x38”
Hopper Capacity: 55lb
Heating Area: Up to 2,000 sqft
Weight: 335lbs
Efficiency: 85%


Electric Start, T-stat Control
Direct Vent For Easy Installation
Easily Adjustable Fresh Air Damper
Convenient Access Point For Cleaning Airways
Convenient Access Point For Cleaning The Blower Fan
View The Fire From 3 Sides (NC-40)
Hidden, But Easily Accessible Hopper
Clean, Smooth Exterior
Easy Access To All Sides Of The Pellet Stove. Simple For Cleaning or Adjustments
Vacuum Safety Switch: If there is a leak in the seal of the combustion chamber, the switch will shut down the unit.

Alternative Energy Solutions