Video below of the One Cool Fireplace from our you tube site.

Shown with the LED HD screen in the optional view of  " Cooling Mode".

Aqua Zone Comfort, LLC

Aqua Zone Comfort "One Cool Fireplace".

Aqua Zone Comfort Non-TV Model, One Cool Console.

Shown with the LED HD screen selected in the optional view of "Heat Mode".

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Aqua Zone Comfort One Cool Fireplace.

Alternative Energy Solutions
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Alternative Energy Solutions has added a new division that includes HVAC. Our newest product uses a Chigo heat pump and the Aqua Zone Comfort newly developed One Cool Fireplace and One Cool Console models. This patent pending design provides heating, cooling, dehumidifying and air filtering all in one unit. It also provides heating and cooling "with Ambiance" Click on the link below to go to our newest web site and learn more about this great new product.  Below are some pictures of the One Cool Fireplace  and the Non-TV called One Cool Console. We can now provide you with home heating and cooling with Ambiance, see the newest product to hit the HVAC industry, One Cool Fireplace from Aqua Zone Comfort.

Alternative Energy Solutions