Wood heating using wood fired boilers is a fast changing form of using Alternative Energy to heat while reducing your costs for that heating Comfort. Wood gasification boilers are now the standard units being manufactured. As time goes on and manufactures gain more knowledge and experience with using "clean combustion" processes  the boilers will not be as "finicky" to operate as early models where. We are seeing the use of catalytic converters to burn up the combustion by-products that in the past went out the stack. As the technology improves we will see these new boilers be less sensitive to the woods moisture content than their predecessors where. The goals of our manufactures going into the future is to provide consumers with a high efficiency / low emissions boiler that does not require a lot of maintenance and is easy to operate with as limited fuel quality restrictions as possible.

High Efficiency wood heating products. Wood gasification boiler information.

   Alternative Energy Solutions is run by an owner that has over 37 years of personal experience using alternative heating products.  Manufacture trained in all the product lines we sell, the knowledge that we have gained over the years not only from training/dealer days at the manufactures sites, but also from us using the products, selling, installing and servicing indoor and outdoor wood, pellet and coal boilers has been extensive.

   We are proud to call ourselves knowledgeable enough to assist you with an alternative energy solution that will best fit your needs. We carry a large product line  by several different manufactures, not because we are not wanting to be loyal to a manufacture, but because no one manufacture in today's market place can provide all the high quality products that our customers need. The products we carry are some of the best on the market.

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