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When looking for an indoor wood furnace you want to consider what effect it will have on indoor air quality. Empyre elite series boilers have a smoke free air curtain that greatly reduces the smoke escape from the combustion chamber during loading. I still recommend that these and all indoor wood boilers be located in an enclosed/heated space not directly within the living space. Having an indoor wood gasification boiler in an attached garage or outbuilding can be the best location for one ofthese high efficiency wood boiler designs.

Indoor wood boilers.

Pellet Stoves

NCB-30 and NC-40 indoor pellet stoves can provide low cost high efficiency heating for rooms, or spaces up to 2000 sq. ft. The programmable controller operates on manual or uses built-in thermostat for temp or weekly programmable modes. These 30,000 & 45,000 btu/hr rated pellet stoves are affordable quality built renewable energy products. prices starting at only $2000.

Empyre Elite wood gasification boiler

Elite100 indoor wood gasification boiler can heat a moderate sized home with a price tag of only $8100. The Elite200 indoor wood gasification boiler with a max btu/hr rating of 220,000 can heat larger homes, priced around $10,700. These high efficiency wood boiler are EPA phase II qualified boilers use seasoned wood to achieve almost 90% efficiency, which means more heat for you with less wood burned.

Empyre Elite. Our products make the difference.

We have an indoor wood furnace, or wood boiler as we call them, using indoor wood gasification boiler technology to provide you heating comfort. Our line-up of indoor wood gasification boilers start with the Empyre Elite. The Elite 100 is 125,000 btu/hr rated and is 89% efficient and is also EPA phase II qualified. Designed for 10-12 hour burn times when sized for the heating needs the Elite comes in 2 sizes. The Elite 200 is rated at 220,000 btu/hr and is also an indoor wood gasification boiler. Both these wood boilers use wood gasification to reduce the emissions output while increasing the combustion efficiency.

Effecta Lambda. Indoor wood log boiler.

The Effecta Lambda comes in 3 sizes, 25kW, 35kW, and 60kW. These are high efficiency wood boiler that use wood  gasification boiler technology. These Swedish "batch type" boilers require "water storage batteries" to store the heat energy needed to provide your winter COMFORT. These heating systems have a long proven track record of high performance and reliability. This is a very high efficiency wood boiler.

​Indoor Wood Gasification Boilers.

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Effecta Lambda

The Effecta Lambda wood log boiler comes to us from Sweden where it has had decades of proven performance in the European markets. High efficiency wood boiler and very low emissions combined with adequate water storage allow these "batch type" systems to go several days between firings during winter in most area's of the US. This indoor wood gasification boiler is one of the best wood boilers available.

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