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Nature's Comfort has been designing, engineering and manufacturing wood boilers since 2006. They have been developing down draft gasification units since 2009 . Their first production model of an outdoor wood gasification boiler was the GT-220. It evolved into the GT-500, and todays EPA phase II qualified outdoor wood gasification boiler is the GT-6000. Dave, his son Eric and James have been "hands on" in the design improvements and product development of these high efficiency low emissions boilers. With the new EPA act (NSPS) signed in February 2015, Nature's Comfort has been busy developing the "next generation" of our outdoor wood gasification  boilers. These units will lead us into the future while being able to meet the "next" standard of EPA qualification protocols, slated for implementation in 2020, EPA phase III.

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   Wood gasification boilers are the new standard. This page covers our outdoor wood gasification  boilers, click on the indoor wood boilers page for information on the Indoor wood boilers we carry. Our most power full residential Gasifier is the Nature's Comfort model GT-6000, 250,000 btu/hr rated (high efficiency wood boiler) outdoor wood gasification boiler. This "down draft" wood gasification boiler is an EPA phase II qualified boiler, NYSDEC approved and uses a two stage burning process to achieve high efficiency and reduce emissions.  We have made a few video's covering the GT-6000 wood gasification boiler for you to be able to get acquainted with this Nature's Comfort down draft gasifier. You can click on the video's below, or go to our YouTube site at

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​We also carry Pro-Fab Industries Empyre Elite XT series outdoor wood gasification boilers. The line starts with the Elite XT 100, 125,000 btu/hr, XT 200 is next rated at 220,000 btu/hr and ends with the Pro 400 outdoor wood gasification boiler that is rated at 330,000 btu/hr.

Empyre Elite XT is the outdoor version of the Empyre Elite indoor wood gasification boiler. The Elite XT comes in 2 sizes, 125,000 btu/hr and 220,000 btu/hr. Priced at $8700 for the XT100 and $11,000 for the XT200, this high efficiency outdoor wood gasification boilers are EPA white tag approved.     

See video on EliteXT below.

The GT-6000 is a 250,000 btu/hr rated outdoor wood gasification boiler and is priced at ONLY $8980.If you'd like to view the brochure for the GT-6000 you can see it here. 

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