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Alternative Energy Solutions started from the owners interests & experiences with using Alternative Energy. Experimenting with designs and products in the early 1980's, that led to the designing and building a passive solar home, in the State of Maine.  The passive solar "salt box"  design worked great and was heated only by the power of the sun and wood burning stoves on 2 of the 3 levels.  These stoves used very little wood, and usually were only operated one at a time, or the house would be "to hot" even in January/February. The desire to not have "the mess" of wood heating inside the home led me to see what was available in "outdoor wood furnaces".

   The very first  product line we took on as a dealer, which is still one we sell and service today, was  Aqua-Therm.  Aqua-Therm outdoor wood fired boilers are "closed loop" systems, that have a reputation of lasting for a very long time, in fact several of the first units we sold are still heating homes today, (over 20 years later).  Today we are a manufacture trained dealer for;  Aqua-Therm, Nature's Comfort, Pro-Fab, Empyre, Airstove and Effecta Lambda.

   As the designs of "wood gasification" boilers advanced, these new designs started becoming more available

 in the US.  Our passion for  "higher efficiency" sparked our interest in them and we started researching "wood gasification" boilers that were available to us. The technology advances have allowed for their designs and operation to also move them to the center stage with the EPA's  goals for cleaner air.  The desire to get more btu's per pound of wood burned ( higher efficiency) and the desire to reduce the amounts of wood required each year (less work & time) to heat our home was my motivation to learn more about how these "wood gasification" boilers performed against conventional burning boilers. We heat our 2800 sq. ft. , and small shop area with a high efficiency wood gasification boiler, we stay very comfortable and use less wood than we ever have.

   Fast forward to 2015 and the EPA has passed their new source performance standards that will phase out the use of "conventional" wood boilers. The standard is kind of like Obamacare in that their are several things that will be phased in and several things that will be phased out. And you don't know about most of them until you have to deal with them, like purchase a new energy product (this covers way more than just products we sell and service).

Phase/step 1.   Ban production of non EPA phase II qualified boilers effective May 15,2015.

Phase/step 2. Ban the sale of non EPA phase II qualified boilers after December 31, 2015.

Phase/step 3. Decrease the emissions of boilers to new level effective 2020, EPA Phase III.

   So where does "our" experience come into play here? We have been selling, servicing and using "wood gasification" boilers for several years now and have a lot of "experience"with them. We know what works, and what does not work. The wood gasification boilers that we sell today are some of the best on the US market, period. Our customers are heating their homes with them, are happy with them and so are we. Their is a learning curve with them for sure, biggest thing is the quality of the wood, by that I mean the moisture content. Seasoned wood in the 18-22% range works very well with the gasification boilers that we sell, moisture over 22% causes "down draft" gasification boilers to not burn all the wood, even though you may be calling for heat. Not properly seasoned wood also causes additional maintenance, in the form of heat exchanger cleaning intervals and the blockage of some air inlet passages in some units. Bottom line is these boilers operate well, IF you are properly trained on what you need to do, and you DO IT. 

   The phase III wood gasification boilers that our manufactures are working on now will not be as finicky as the first models that were produced. Goals are to meet new EPA standards while reducing restrictions a little more on wood moisture content, while still having easy operation and limited maintenace requirements.

   Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have about these wood gasification boilers. or call us at (248) 681-7787

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