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Elite XT 100 & 200 Specifications

Empyre Elite XT Model 100                                                        Model 200
Heat Output (Peak)* 125,000 BTU/hr                              220,000 BTU/hr
Heat Output (8 Hour Burn)* 66,000 BTU/hr                110,000 BTU/hr
Heat Output (12 Hour Burn)* 45,000 BTU/hr               72.000 BTU/hr
Log Length 24"                                                                                25"
Log Diameter 6"                                                                                 6"
Furnace Width 36"                                                                        40.5"
Furnace Length 59"                                                                       67"
Furnace Height 64"                                                                        69.5"
Loading Door Opening 16" x 14"                                        18.5" x 16.5"
Firebox Volume 6.1 cu. ft                                                       10 cu. ft
Firebox Dimensions 19w x 21h x 28d in                       22.5w x 26h x 31.5d in
Water Capacity 60 US Gal.                                                      112 US Gal.
Furnace Weight 1,050 lb                                                         1,635 lb
Flue Collar Diameter 6"                                                                 6"
Limited Warranty 10 Year                                                         10 Year

*Results may vary based on fuel type, moisture and quality.

Product specifications and appearance subject to change.

Note that the Empyre Elite XT is a non-pressurized open hydronic system.

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Empyre Elite XT V3 is the newest version of the outdoor wood gasification boiler that Pro-Fab produces. This 3rd version combines all the knowledge they have learned about wood gasification boilers since the start of the Elite series wood gasification boilers. All stainless steel is now used in the entire primary and secondary burn chambers. They have refined the air-flow passages and made improvements on air ratios and easy of access for cleaning in both chambers.

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