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Our friend and colleage Brian Crawford whom passed away on May 11, 2015 made this video of his Effecta Lambda boiler Click here to view video of Effecta Lambda 35kWEffecta Lambda wood log boiler

Effecta Lambda indoor wood log gasification boilers are from Kungsbacks Sweden. Their indoor wood boilers  have been heating homes in the European market since the early eighties. The "Lambda sensing" technology ensures the highest efficiency and lowest emissions by continuously monitoring and adjusting where the combustion air is directed throughout the entire burn cycle. Effecta Lambda wood log boilers can also have add-on to make it function  as a wood pellet boilers.

   The Effecta is a "batch type" gasification boiler, which simply means that the boiler is designed to burn the entire load, or batch, and send the heated water into a storage battery (insulated tank or tanks). You burn enough batches to satisfy the storage battery requirement, and you heat from the energy stored in the batteries until it's required to be recharged from burning another or more batches.

  This type of system many times allows the use to go several days between burning batches. When sized correctly and with the correct size storage batteries even in the coldest part of the winter many customers can go longer than a day between firings. 3 sizes of indoor wood boilers fit most any heating need. These ara a great wood boiler.

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