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US Department of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Here is a link to the NSPS Conventional wood boilers
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Efficient By Design:

Heat for less! Efficient by design, Nature’s Comfort conventional wood boilers function using a forced air draft blower to send air up from the bottom, passing through the wood and feeding oxygen to make a hot fire. The heat from the flames and hot gases go to the top of the boiler. Before it can go up the chimney the gases are ignited and the remaining smoke has to go down to fold around the lower back of the chimney before going out. The blower easily provides plenty of oxygen for burning coal or wood efficiently. This means one thing, you burn less wood for more heat! Coal boilers operate the same way. If an indoor wood boiler is your desire click on the page labeled indoor wood boiler.

Nature’s Comfort Outdoor wood boilers provides you with a fuel and cost efficient outdoor heating system that can be used in tandem with almost any interior heating system currently in use. You can save thousands of dollars burning wood boiler, or coal boiler rather than using the fossil fuel alternative. Nature’s Comfort outdoor wood boilers are designed with the firebox (front and back as well), chimney pipe and the sides and bottom of the ash pan to be totally surrounded by water. This way you capture all of the heat. No heat escapes unused to the outside air as it goes directly into heating the water jacket which is then fed to your home system through insulated underground Pex lines. This is the conventional wood boilers discription, for EPA pahase II qualified boilers go to our gasification boilers page.

Nature’s Comfort Advantages:

Firebox is 1/4″ or 3/8″ thick steel (whichever you choose for an NCB Series 175 or 250) with an opening of 27″ x 18″ to handle large logs.
Water jacket is 7 gauge (approx 3/16″) on the NCB-175, NCB-250 and NCB-325. And 10 gauge (approx 1/8″) on the NCB-120.
Fire brick grate with slide-out ash pan on the NCB Series for easy cleaning.
Computer designed for optimum water circulation & efficiency
Water encapsulated chimney pipe inside firebox
Easy operation, reliable controls
Large fuel door
Pull out ash pan, no need for shoveling
Easy read float
Powder coat finish
20 year warranty – See warranty page @ for complete details
Adjustable air control for coal or wood
Multiple color choices
Available in 80, 120, 175, 250, 275, 325 & 400 gallon units

Nature's Comfort wood boilers

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*** These conventional outdoor wood boilers will be phased out by the end of 2015 due to the EPA's ruling on the NSPS act signed in February 2015. Here is a link to that site & ruling. EPA phase II qualified boilers only 2016 and on....

Our Nature's Comfort line of outdoor wood boilers come in 7 different models. We have a size and design to fit any heating need from a small home up to 12,000 sq. ft.  Model NCB-80 starts the line off, this low cost small home heater is designed for a home of 2000 sq ft or less, but can also be used in larger homes to supplement the main heating system and their by reducing over all heating (COMFORT) expenses. NCB-80 is priced at only $3480. ** For more information on a specific model of outdoor wood boiler click on the blue button on the left side of this page with model number.

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