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Grades of Coal


Anthracite – this kind of coal has the greatest percentage of set carbon as well as a lower percentage of unpredictable material compared to all various other coals, making it more difficult to fire up. Nevertheless, when it is fired up, it burns relatively smokeless.The most popular anthracite mines in the United States are in western Pennsylvania.

Firebox shaker grates from bottom side.

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Nature's Comfort outdoor coal fired boilers come in 6 sizes from the NCB-120C to the model NCB-400C. Pricing starts at only $5980.

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We carry 6 sizes of coal boiler for sale. These models are specifically designed to be coal fired boilers. And used as an alternative energy solutions product.

With the fan feeding oxygen in from the bottom, the coal burns easily. Shaker grates are installed in all models to help get rid of the clinkers.

NCB-120-COAL  $5,980  160,000 BTU and a 120 gallon water tank. 3,000 sq ft.

NCB-175-COAL  $6,580  220,000 BTU and a 175 gallon water tank. 4,000 sq ft.

NCB-250-COAL  $7,580  300,000 BTU and a 250 gallon water tank. 6,000 sq ft.

NCB-275G-COAL  $8,480  380,000 BTU and a 275 gallon water tank. 8,000 sq ft.

NCB-325G-COAL  $9,080  460,000 BTU and a 325 gallon water tank. 10,000 sq ft.

NCB-400G-COAL  $10,080  500,000 BTU and a 400 gallon water tank. 12,000 sq ft.

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In a coal boiler the fan feeding oxygen in from the bottom, the coal burns easily. Shaker grates are installed in all coal boilers made by Nature's Comfort to help get rid of the clinkers. A coal boiler is still an outdoor boiler, similar to an outdoor wood boiler, but a coal boiler is designed to burn coal. Nature's Comfort coal boilers are a great way to incorporate alternative energy solutions into your home heating.

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Bituminous – Bituminous coal is one of the most abundant and most commonly utilized coals. This is the kind of coal found in the Appalachian area. It has a greater home heating possibility and also is used for making coke. It has a greater percent of fixed carbon, greater heat value as well as far better weathering attributes compared to lignite as well as sub-lignite coals.  Most of the non-metallurgical qualities of bituminous coal are burned in central heating boilers or heating systems to acquire thermal power for producing electrical energy. Since bituminous coal is softer than anthracite, it is usually referred to as soft coal. It does release smoke as it burns, unlike anthracite; however, there is an area in Southern West Virginia where the bituminous charcoal burns relatively smokeless. The Smokeless Coal Area of Southern West Virginia are one-of-a-kind on the planet.

NCB-175C coal boilers inside firebox lined with fire brick.

Inside the coal boiler. Fire brick lined on both sides of shaker grates.

NCB-120COAL 160,000 btu, 120 gallon water tank and


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