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Alternative Energy Solutions also carries the the SunMor SM-H60. This is a 60 tube solar hot water system that can connect directly up to your wood boiler, using the boiler water tank as a storage for the solar hot water created. The solar collector can also be connected to another insulated storage tank if your don't have or want a wood boiler. From the storage tank solar hot water is sent to house location for use as alternative heat, and or domestic hot water,  solar heated hot water. For complete information go to link below.

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Solar energy products

Alternative Energy Solutions has solar hot water heating systems that can connect up to your existing domestic hot water heater to provide you with alternative heat.  Solar hot water as an addition to your existing domestic hot water heater will save you a lot of money heating your domestic hot water. If you go to the SM-V30 Domestic Hot Water page you'll find all the information on our SM-V30.

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